First off let me tell you that all oils are not the same!!! Please be  very careful not to get involved with inferior oils. I use pure therapeutic grade oils that are tested in independent laboratories for purity and safety. The oils are harvested all over the world so you can obtain the most beneficial oils for your health and wellness. There is no mistaking the aroma of these special oils when you open them, and no comparison to its purity, quality and effectiveness.

The oils can be diffused, some may be put on topically or taken internally, and others can even be used for cooking! You would not want to ingest just any oil. You will need some guidance so please contact me before you were to do that! There are many different products offered by the company from hair care, skin care, supplements, and toothpaste. I absolutely love them all! If you are interested in receiving a sample, trying any products, or learning more about the essential oils I use,  please contact me for more information! My email is or contact me at