Picture this…friends are coming over for dinner and you’re getting ready for an awesome evening grilling out! You’ve gone to the grocery store and gotten all the ingredients you need to make the perfect meal. You have a nice bottle of wine chilling on ice and you decide to light a few candles before your guests arrival. NO! Don’t do it!! 

I know there is something romantic about the ambiance and flicker of a candle, but candles can be very toxic to your health! People don’t realize that most fragrances used in candles, lotions, etc. are synthetic and are actually made from petrochemicals. So you basically are lighting a candle made from crude oil inside your house. Nasty! The fumes release harmful toxins that may cause headaches, sinus issues, asthma, and even cancer!

Hard to believe that simply lighting a candle can cause so much harm, but it’s true and you can read more about the link between airborne toxins and health issues. Go to www.mercola.com and enter “danger of airborne toxins” in the blue search box.

Soy candles are safer to burn, so look for them if you just have to have that candle fix!  Many folks have switched over to using a battery operated candle that look like a candle, flickers like a candle, but they release no harmful chemicals. Smart move if you’ve already made that change!! 

I’ve always been attracted to smells. I guess that’s why I’ve always loved candles too! I’m just as guilty as the next person about using candles in my house. Since being on this health journey and changing my lifestyle to a more holistic approach, I actually rounded up all my candles and took them either to Good Will or threw them away! I actually feel guilty taking them for someone else to use after all the information I’ve found out about their dangers. I encourage you to have a candle round up at your house too! Get rid of them!

Now if you just love fragrance like I do, there is another option. Use a diffuser and 100% natural, organic, essential oils!  Diffusers are safe and come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. They are not only omitting a fantastic fragrance but they are also cleaning the air and adding a health benefit to you and your family. I have them in almost every room in the house!

blur diffuser

Most diffusers require water, an outlet to work, and of course, your favorite essential oil. A few drops and you are on your way to better health. I have just ordered a few diffusers that actually plug into a laptop and run off USB  power. If you are interested, I can hook you up!

They make diffusers for your car too! Please do not use those air fresheners that hang from your rear view mirror or the ones that clip on the vent! Bad stuff! Those toxic chemicals that you are breathing in, as you sit in your car that’s all closed up, are very dangerous to your health! If you have kids, you really need to throw those smelly air fresheners away!

You can combine oils to help with any situation you are going through in life. If you need a pick me up to get moving, a calming blend to rest, an immune builder, or something romantic for the bedroom, (Oh La La!) there is an oil for you and many combos that will work. I encourage you to give it a try.

A simple morning blend to get you moving and make you happy to start the day is: 2 drops of Wild Orange, 2 drops of Citrus Oil and 2 drops of Peppermint oil. One of my favorites for immune building is 3 drops of Wild Orange and 3 drops of Protective Blend. (This is a must have oil for any house.)

For a restful night’s sleep and calming down I love Calming Blend, Vetiver, and Cedarwood. I diffuse this most every night! To add a spark to your romance, diffuse Ylang Ylang, Clary Sage, and Vetiver. Long ago Ylang Ylang was put on the bed of newly married couples for their wedding night. Vetiver is a great balancing oil and helps slow the nervous system down, which we can all use from our stressful lives!!! (I’ve touched on many of the other oils on past blogs so check them out!)

My favorite oil company offers fantastic oil for women. It is a blend of patchouli, bergamot, sandalwood, rose, jasmine, cinnamon bark, vetiver, ylang ylang, geranium, and cocoa and vanilla bean extracts. I like to wear it as a perfume. It adjusts to individual body chemistry and smells different on everyone. It’s crazy but it does. Let me know if you would like more info on it.

These are just a few examples of some blends to use in your diffuser. The list is really endless. Any issue you might have, there is a solution with my favorite oil company. If you would like more information on them, please let me know. If you need a diffuser, I have them! Talk to me before you order on line!

Remember all oils are not the same. Please contact me before you go out there an purchase oils from a chain store.

Until next week, make sure to be kind to someone! (even if you think they don’t deserve it!!)

Naturally, Lisa